What to expect from your personal branding shoot

How a personal branding shoot runs at the Colourful Brand

Are you considering booking a personal branding photoshoot but are unsure what happens at one? Rest easy. As a professional photographer with years of experience in personal branding shoots, I’m here to share how mine run.

Woman smiles at MitziRocks' Personal Branding Photoshoot by The Colourful Brand

Before the shoot

If we haven’t worked together or you haven’t had branding images taken before, it makes sense to have a quick intro call before you even book to see if I’m the perfect fit for your brand. This is the time to tell me if this will be your first shoot, any worries you might have or things you are unsure about, as well as initial ideas and what you would like to use the images for, as I can go through in more detail what you’ll need and can expect on the day and its run-up.

Once you have booked the right session for you (check out my brand photography packages here), we will arrange a planning call. This is YOUR time to ask any questions you may have and let me know what you need in detail. If you’re working with a branding agency or a web designer, get all the information from them on what is required, i.e. sizes, orientation, etc. If you have a visual band board from your branding agency, this will be really useful. If you don’t, we’ll discuss the visual mood board you have put together before our call. Pinterest is perfect for this, and will help us chat through your outfit/location requirements. I won’t tell you what to wear, but I can certainly offer advice on what not to wear! In fact, I have an entire blog post to help you pick the perfect outfits.

After our call, it’s time to refine your mood board, add a flatlay section or whole other board if it applies to your business, and prepare for our photo session.

Pinterest brand photoshoot flatlay inspiration board

The Shoot day

The day of your shoot has arrived, YAY! Depending on which package you’ve chosen, your shoot day will run slightly differently, but generally I will photograph things in the following order:

1. Flat Lays

This is a fantastic way to start the shoot, making sure we get some great detailed shots of your products, tools of the trade, branded or on-brand stationery, books, or even your business cards. Have a list prepared beforehand to know what props and products you want to bring. Your flatlay inspiration board should help you decide.

It’s also a great way to ease into the shoot and take care of your photoshoot jitters. We’ll spend the time chatting, arranging your flatlays, and getting to know each other if it’s our first photoshoot.

Flatlay of female business owners notes at their Personal Brand Photoshoot by The Colourful Brand

2. Models

If your product requires model shots, such as a jewellery, clothes, or hat line, I suggest doing this after the detailed product shots. Incorporating people using or wearing your products will give you lots of options for your website and social channels.

Personal Brand Photography Session of Jewellery designer Mitzi Rocks with The Colourful Brand

Are you looking for a Brand Photographer who can help you create impactful images that feel like you?

I can help. I love working with entrepreneurs from all walks of life to help them be more visible and grow in a strategic and collaborative way. My working style is relaxed, warm and fun while we work together to create images that show you and your brand off at their best. Click the button to find out more, or schedule a discovery call if you’d like to have a chat.

3. Working Lifestyle

This is what I call those action shots of you carrying out your work. Whether that’s in a workshop physically creating the product, at your laptop, phone in hand, chatting with your client, or showing them their finished product! Let’s create images that show what makes you unique and how you do what you do.

Chef flambés fish at a personal Branding Photoshoot by The Colourful Brand

4. Portraits

Portraits are the perfect way to finish your photoshoot day. Not only will we be comfortable with each other by this point, but you’ll be buzzing with the energy from the day, which will show in your photographs.

This is also when we move to a couple of different locations to give your photos a different look and feel, both with the use of different outfits and the different locations we go to.

Your Pinterest inspiration board as well as our planning call will help us figure out the best locations for your shoot, but as a rule of thumb, we want to include at least two locations within walking distance of each other. Then it’s time to kick off those boots and review the day together over a hot cuppa or a glass of wine.

Female entrepreneur's autumnal brand photoshoot by London Brand photographer The Colourful Brand

My Top Tips


Depending on which package you need, there’s a rough amount of outfits that we’ll have time for. I suggest bringing 2 variations for a portrait session, 3-4 for a half-day session and 4-6 for a full-day session.


My personal photography style is natural and authentic, including your lighting. I only bring basic lighting equipment and prefer to use available light.

This is readily available for your outside portraits, but keep it in mind when you choose your indoor spaces. Even if it is on brand, if your office is quite dark, your photos will reflect it. Have a read of my post about how else you can prepare for your branding photoshoot.


Post-shoot, I will pick out the best photographs and edit them. My general turnaround time is 2 weeks for a full or half-day shoot and 1 week for a portrait session. Although there is no set number of photos that I aim to deliver, my packages include a rough estimate of what you can expect. Saying that, I deliver the very best images from your photoshoot for your use!

Exclusive dining Chef prepping on location at London's Fitzrovia Chapel

Are you still on the fence about whether a personal branding shoot is for you? You will find many tips across my website, and I am always happy to chat with you about your needs! Get in touch and let’s see how I can help you today.

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